This following blog is a peer review of Learning Pod 3, Intermediate Oral French course. At a glance, this group did a great job on designing a fresh and creative course site. The category bar on the left directs learners to each unit of the course. Learners can easily review previous contents. 

Starting with the course syllabus. The description is fairly clear, showing that the group has competent understanding of the teaching task. The group has shown strong rationale for the learning theory. The grading system is detailed and fair. Learning outcomes are welly connected with interactive activities. However, the outcomes seemed too much for a 2 hours course. If possible, please make the narrow the outcomes. There might be a problem on the learner age range. If I get you right, K-12 is the from Kindergarten to Grade 12, meaning there might be situation that a 6 year-old child working with a 18year-old high school student. It might be challenging to carry out activities among the learners. It would be better to reconsider the learner range. K-12 includes kindergarten, primary school, middle school, and high school student. Please focus on one of the age groups above. 

In the first lesson, it is great way to interact with student by starting a conversation in simple French as the participants of the class are intermediate French learners. However, having 15-20 conversations might be a heavy work load for the instructor. Also, the time you set up: 15-20mins might be a problem. Making sure everyone can complete the activity is rather important. Please consider invite teacher assistance participate the conversation activity. 

Moving on to the second activity, I can tell you are applying sociocultural learning theory. The group discussion is a suitable activity as it can develop the speaking skill as well interpersonal skill. However, peer grading should contribute to a part of the discussion grade. To make it fair, the instructor should participate the discussion and evaluate the performance of every participants. The final grade of the discussion could be the average of the instructor and the peer review grade. 

A concern for the third activity is, learners might spend too much time on watching the movie and selecting the section to dub. To make the activity effective, it would be better if the instructor can choose a section for the learners. In addition, please make sure there is subtitle for each movie. Subtitle is significant for a dubbing learner. It is considerable to reassure grammatical and pronunciation and pronunciation mistake. As alway, the feedback from instructor and peers is very important. 

For inclusive learning design, you have welly considered ELL as well as learners who does not have access to computer. The group have developed alternative plan to achieve the learning goal. 

After walking through the entire course, it really ignite my interest on French. Hope the suggestions above can help your course even perfect!